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Cavities are holes in teeth that occur when tooth decay worsens. It affects the enamel and the dentin of the tooth. Cavities cause extreme pain and headache to the person. It makes the teeth sensitive to hot and cold food and beverages. An untreated cavity can enlarge and cause dental emergencies. At Robinson Family Dentistry, patients are provided with expert dentists who can treat the cavity on the tooth. 

Leading Causes of Cavities

  • Bad brushing:If you have been taking your dental routine lightly, it could lead to the development of a cavity. The plaque caused by food that gets stuck to the teeth creates decay which leads to cavities. 
  • Bad diet: If you have been binging on sugary and acidic food and drinks or have an eating disorder, it could cause problems with the tooth enamel. This in turn can cause cavities in the tooth.
  • Acid reflux disease:The disease may force the acid into the mouth, which could cause damages like cavities in the tooth. 
  • Fluoride deficiency: It is necessary to include fluoride toothpaste in dental care. This mineral helps to prevent dental cavities and avoid tooth damage.

Treatment for Cavities

The most preferred treatment for cavities is dental fillings. It is a process where silver or ceramic fillings are inserted into the cavity. The tooth decay is removed using a drill, and the filling is made according to the patient's requirements and preference. It is inserted into the decay, which fills the space and fixes the teeth. A treated tooth has fewer chances of getting a cavity the second time. 

Facts About Cavities

  • Consumption of sugar in different forms can cause cavities.
  • It leaves a brown, black, or white stain on the teeth.
  • Cavities are not visible to the ordinary eyes and require dental care for detection.
  • Brushing the teeth every day won't avoid cavities, but regular dental checkups can prevent them.
  • Cavities can appear to people of all age groups. 

Preventive Measures to Prevent Cavities 

A regular dental routine includes brushing, flossing and mouthwashes are vital to home care for teeth. But more importantly, regular visits to the dentists help to stay steer of dental problems. A healthy diet is also crucial for good oral hygiene. It is essential to rinse the mouth after consuming food and beverages. It helps to avoid the buildup of bacteria that leads to cavities. 

Visit Robinson Family Dentistry located at Hanahan, SC provides treatment for cavities and other dental problems. Call at (843) 554-9332 and book an appointment for a complete oral checkup. 

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