Teeth Whitening Service

Teeth Whitening Service

Teeth Whitening is one of the most regular dental procedures. It very effective, safe, and comfortable method to acquire a beautiful smile. The discoloration of the teeth can be caused due to a variety of reasons such as food, smoking, and drinking wine. The aging process can also stain and discolor your teeth. By undergoing teeth whitening procedures, one can overcome this problem.

What are the reasons for teeth discoloration?

The teeth can get a stain or discolor due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • The teeth can become dull or stained due to the kind of food consumed.
  • The tooth's enamel, the hard uttermost layer of the teeth, is stained by the foods consumed. The consumption of these foods creates a yellowish layer on the teeth which cannot be washed away with regular brushing.
  • Smoking can cause stains to the teeth.
  • Consuming sodas, wines, coffee, and tea lead to the discoloration of the teeth' enamel.
  • Yellowing of the teeth can also occur due to age, medications, poor oral hygiene, etc.

What is the process of Teeth Whitening?

It is best to undergo a teeth whitening procedure on the advice of your dentist. If you are found to be a suitable candidate, the actual procedure of teeth whitening begins. Once you are comfortable in the chair, a lip retractor is inserted into your mouth, a plastic guide that keeps your lips apart while giving easy access to the teeth.

The dentist will cover the gums around the front teeth with a gel and then harden them with a high-powered light. This gel will act as a barrier and protect the gums from the bleaching chemicals used for the procedure. A compound may also be used on the teeth to prevent tooth sensitivity.

The actual whitening process involves the application of gel composed of hydrogen peroxide to the teeth. This bleaching agent will penetrate the teeth' porous outer layer and break the compounds using a chemical reaction called oxidation. This is followed by applying a high-powered light that speeds up the whitening process. The gel is applied multiple times throughout the whitening session. Upon completing the whitening procedure, the teeth can be six to eight shades brighter in one session.

What is the time span of Teeth Whitening?

The effects of teeth whitening can last for a while, depending on diet and other habits. The effects can last longer by taking proper care of the teeth. Some dentists may recommend a professional home whitening kit to maintain the whitened smile. These kits include customized trays to fit your teeth and whitening gels with low levels of bleaching agents. The trays can be loaded with the gel and worn for a few hours each day.

What are the types of Whitening?

Several types of teeth bleaching pastes are available over the counter, such as whitening toothpaste or whitening trays or strips. But these treatments may not be as effective as professional whitening. They may not be strong enough as compared to professional whitening carried out at a dental clinic. Additionally, store-bought whitening trays may not suit your teeth as they are not specifically designed for your teeth, and they may even cause gum irritation.

What is Zoom Whitening and how does it work?

Zoom utilizes specially-formulated hydrogen peroxide-based gel and Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp for the process. This process is very effective and offers long-lasting results. 

During the Zoom whitening process, our dentist will apply the hydrogen-peroxide gel to your teeth and use a special light to activate the gel. We will put on a mouthpiece to your mouth to hold your lips back so that the whole tooth surface gets appropriately exposed to the gel and the light. After the completion of the treatment, our dentist will remove the gel, and you will be ready to go with your whiter, brighter smile.

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